ToroVerde is a world-famous park in Orocovis, in the heart of the Puerto Rico. Set in an interesting landscape, it’s the perfect place for rock climbing Puerto Rico. Enjoy a safe and guided adventure, complete with access to zip lines and aerial bridges. ToroVerde has been named one of the ‘coolest new attractions’ by Travel & Leisure Magazine. Experience it now! Call (787) 867 7020.  

Rock climbing Puerto Rico is a very demanding activity. It’s not like hopping on a boat and enjoying the ride. Rock climbing takes practice and preparation. You also need to be oriented on safety measures and other such basics. If you are really serious about planning a rock climbing holiday in Puerto Rico, you can start out by practicing in a local rock climbing gym. 
Aside from practicing actual wall climbing, it is also important that your build your strength—particularly the strength of your arms, shoulders, upper back, core and legs. It also helps to build your grip, too, so your fingers won’t slip. Strength alone is not enough. Your body also needs to be flexible, making it easy to reach rocks and steps. Altogether, losing a bit of weight and eating the right diet can help improve your rock climbing skills.
If you want to experience a truly challenging rock climbing Puerto Rico in a safe manner, book the Sal si Puedes tour of Toro Verde. Participants joining this tour should be in good physical condition as it includes activities like horizontal climbing, cable jumping, and rappelling. If this is too much for you, Toro Verde offers other tours, including zip-lining that can reach a speed of 60MPH. Sounds exciting? Reserve here on our website. If you have any inquiries or special booking needs, call our office at (787) 867 7020.